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DMB Tourism Awards Winners 2022 

On Thursday 10th November the creme de la creme of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole's tourism, hospitality and retail sectors had their successes trumpeted.  


From hotels, cafes and restaurants to attractions, events and retailers every sector was represented and celebrated.  


Craig Mathie, DMB Chair, praised the winners for their 'colossal achievements'.  

"It is fair to say that it's been a pretty crazy couple of years since we last got to celebrate our achievements in person - and there is so very much to celebrate.  Tonight's successes are a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of everyone in the industry."





Event of the Year 

Shake & Stir Vintage Music Festival - Gold 

Bournemouth 7's - Silver 

Farmer Palmer's Christmas Twilight Event - Silver 

Global Rainbow, Lighthouse - Bronze 

Industry Support 

Harvest Fine Foods - Gold 

Bournemouth Coastal BID - Silver 

Sandbanks Beach - Bronze  

Large Hotel  

Captain's Club Hotel - Gold 

The Nici - Gold 

Hotel Miramar - Silver 

Marsham Court Hotel - Silver 

Park Central Hotel - Highly Commended 

Night Time Experience  

The Thomas Tripp - Gold 

Southbourne Brewhouse & Kitchen - Silver 

Poole Hill Brewery - Silver 

Aruba Restaurant & Bar - Bronze 

Responsible, Ethical & Sustainable  

Pause Cat Café - Gold 

Shore Campers, Campervan Hire - Gold 

Holiday Inn, Bournemouth - Bronze   


Haberdasherdo - Gold 

The Sovereign Shopping Centre - Silver 

BH6 Books & Home - Bronze 

Attraction of the Year 

Monkey World -  Gold 

Who Dares Gyms - Shorefit - Gold 

Farmer Palmers - Silver 

RockReef & PierZip -  Bronze 

Avon Beach - Highly Commended 

City Cruises -  Highly Commended 

Business Tourism 

Marsham Court Hotel - Gold 

Who Dares Gyms, Shorefit - Gold 

Poseidon Watersports -    Bronze 

Café Tearoom 

Flamingo Café - Gold 

Picnic Park Deli- Gold 

Farmer Palmers, The Hen House - Silver  

Cremma - Bronze 

Tuckton Tea Gardens - Bronze 

Pause Cat Café - Highly Commended 

Eating Out Experience  

The Noisy Lobster - Gold 

Mightly Wieners - Silver  

Nusara, Poole - Silver   

DRGNFLY - Bronze 

West Beach - Bronze 

Pause Cat Café - Highly Commended 


The Crumbs Project - Gold 

Centre VR - Silver  


The Houseboat - Gold 

The Seaside Annexe, Bournecoast - Gold 

Bournemouth Beach Lodges - Silver 

Dean Park Manor, Bournecoast - Silver 

Brewhouse & Kitchen, Southbourne - Bronze 

Palm Court, Bournecoast - Bronze 

Small Hotel 

The King's Arms - Gold 

Lord Bute - Silver 

The Rosscourt - Silver 

Lea Hurst B&B - Btonze  

Team of the Year   

The Marsham Court Team - Gold 

Rockley Watersports Sales Team - Silver 

Farmer Palmer's Team - Bronze 

Bournemouth 7s Team - Highly Commended 

Sobo Brewhouse & Kitchen Team - Highly Commended 

Transformation & Innovation   

Marsham Court Hotel - Gold 

Polygon Pets - Gold 

Who Dares Gyms, Shorefit - Gold

W Beach - Bronze 

Rising Star   

Eric Andreas, DRGNGLY  - Gold 

Courtney Francis,Ojo Rojo - Silver 

Toni Fox, Prevail Juniors - Bronze 

Best of the Best Award 2022 
Who Dares Gyms
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